Boy thinking

How are buildings made?

Girl thinking

Why do bears hibernate?

Summer Programs

Group of ChildrenCreative Minds Preschool & Kindergarten offers an exciting and educational summer program specifically designed for children between the ages of 3-7 years of age to help them retain the skills they have learned during the school year.

The Ready to Read Summer Program is designed for children of all ages, from beginning readers to independent readers.  Beginning readers will learn how to decode, develop phonetic skills, build sight vocabulary and more.  Independent readers will learn to read more fluently, rapidly and develop strong reading comprehension skills.  Your child will become a more confident student and enjoy reading more while developing a lifelong habit of reading for pleasure.  The lessons taught are aligned with the Language Arts Common Core State Standards.  Your child will be taught by a highly skilled professional who has received a Reading Specialist Certification from USC.

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My daughter currently attends this school - she loves it! I've seen such growth in her since she's started at this school. This was her first time in a daily class setting - it was an easy transition for her. The teachers are amazing - they make a world of difference and really do care! [ Read more ]

Message From the Director

We strive to provide a high-quality early education program that will maximize school readiness for our students. Fulfilling our mission takes effort every day but we do it because it is worth every moment. Our program has helped over 300 children to appreciate and value early literacy and be life-long learners.

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