Boy thinking

How are buildings made?

Girl thinking

Why do bears hibernate?

Anaheim Christian School

About Us

At Anaheim Christian School, your child will engage in constructive activity-based learning that focuses on a developmentally appropriate academic curriculum. We provide a solid foundation of fun and education; emphasizing on cognitive development, social and emotional skills, creativity, including literacy and math. Our learning centers allow children to explore, discover, role play, and use tools and materials in creative ways. We believe that play is active learning and is a critical part of the growth and development of young children.


Each of our four classrooms are designed to meet the diverse learning interests of the children. As part of the regular daily schedule, children can rotate the classrooms and are allowed to explore the Dramatic Playroom, STEM Laboratory, Creative Arts Center, and the Literacy Library.

Our Dramatic Playroom inspires creative and imaginative play where children take on a role when they enter the room. Children are able to visit the grocery store, doctor’s office, restaurant, or play house.


Our STEM Laboratory is interactive and a place where children predict, question, discover, and explore. Children will learn scientific investigation skills through hands-on exploration and play. While visiting this learning center, children will use geometry, measurement, spatial relations, counting, comparing, and more.

boy and girl at STEM Laboratory

Our literacy-rich environment motivates students in speaking, listening, reading, and writing in a variety of authentic ways. Children will create their own books and discuss their own drawings establishing print awareness. Our literacy library center promotes vocabulary and language, and allows children to learn about the world around them. In addition, they learn phonemic awareness, phonics, reading comprehension, and other literacy skills.

Boy drawing

The Creative Arts room promotes creativity and imagination, while allowing for self-expression. Our creative arts area serves as a great outlet for kids to help express their emotions and ideas. Children will experience different textures and use different materials as they create their individual masterpiece.

Boy painting


Preschool: Our preschool program operates year-round. The age criteria is 3-5 years of age. We offer flexibility in days to better meet the needs of families.
Enrollment options include the following:

  • Five days a week = $75
  • Three days a week = $50
  • Two days a week = $35
  • Inquire about our full day rates

Kindergarten: Our Kindergarten Program operates from September to June. Operation days are Monday – Friday. The weekly cost is $85/week.
Our address is 2926 W. Ball Rd. Anaheim, Ca 92804 (cross street is Beach Blvd.) Facility License #304371194

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My daughter currently attends this school - she loves it! I've seen such growth in her since she's started at this school. This was her first time in a daily class setting - it was an easy transition for her. The teachers are amazing - they make a world of difference and really do care! [ Read more ]

Message From the Director

We strive to provide a high-quality early education program that will maximize school readiness for our students. Fulfilling our mission takes effort every day but we do it because it is worth every moment. Our program has helped over 300 children to appreciate and value early literacy and be life-long learners.

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